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Client Love

Stacie’s mobility program is easy to follow and takes no longer than 45 min to complete 3-4 days a week (most even shorter- and I take my time and go slow so that’s saying something!) not only are they perfect to squeeze into a busy schedule but I genuinely ENJOY doing them, I can get out if my comfort zone and scale back when I need to.

The videos and descriptions provided with each exercise help me to make sure I’m doing them right and feeling it where I should.  I have been lifting heavier and pushing for big PR’s while staying injury free with no pain for well over a year and I have this program to thank!

My lifts have improved immensely, they not only look better but they FEEL better. Random – I finally can do the splits too… like what?! I wasn’t even trying to get my splits but my mobility and flexibility has come SUCH a long way and I have worked up to doing things I never thought I could. I recommend this program to everyone at my gym I train at because I know my clients would benefit from this! Stacie is one of a kind and does an amazing job with her content and programs! I cannot recommend this enough!

- E.M. in Michigan

Mobility Program

The Physio Fix is one of a kind! Not only is the clinic super clean, but the entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I have taken Stacie’s handstand clinic, in which she gave a ton of mobility exercises, drills, and actually getting up in a handstand. I am currently doing her Strong Like Stacie 16-week workout program. What I love about this program is that she breaks down every exercise programmed on her app. She also gives modifications which can be super helpful. The workouts are challenging, but in the best way ever because it’s smartly programmed so that you can finish it and feel strong… I have made a lot of progress in just a few short weeks. I have been recommending The Physio Fix to everyone!

- M.S. in Arizona
In-person and online treatment

I am starting my third month of custom programming with Dr. Stacie, and I couldn’t be happier with my progress. I have an old hamstring injury that I’ve been working on, and the custom programming has really enabled me to get it stronger while hitting my fitness goals. The feedback on my form checks and the positivity has been amazing. The workouts have been so much fun, and I’ve already made great progress. I have even shown my workouts to my orthopedic specialist, and she was really impressed. I can’t recommend the custom program highly enough!

- Alicia G., google review

Post-op from a second knee surgery, I worked with Stacie & The PhysioFix virtually through two rehab and strength cycles. My past surgeries included ACL & meniscus repair and more recently meniscus clean up, but my knee had already begun showing signs of arthritis and osteochondral defects. I was struggling to get back to the things I loved pain free, running & weight lifting, and was told that I probably shouldn’t run anymore. From following The PhysioFix on Instagram and seeing Stacie help so many patients, I knew she was the right resource that could specifically help me return not only to daily pain free life, but return to sports and activities. Living in Florida, I am so thankful that she offered online consultations. I met with Stacie virtually where she listened to my issues, understood my goals and assessed my current mobility and strength. From there, she built a custom program that was easy for me to follow on my own with guided videos and a clear, weekly outline of the workouts. Even though we worked virtually together, Stacie was accessible at any time for questions or issues. Her app made it very easy to not only follow the program, but to communicate as well. Stacie’s programs helped me physically, but they really educated me on the importance of mobility in rehab and strength training. I have since purchased Stacie’s other online programs (Core & SLS) to continue building upon what I’ve already learned and to do so from a Physical Therapist who truly understands athletes! The only bad thing I could say is that I don’t live in Arizona to train in person with Stacie!

- H.s. In florida


I have had two custom made programs from her. Both were before hip surgery, the goal was to strengthen the muscles before surgery. My first custom program was for my back, hip, and knee. The second was all that plus ankle and shoulder pain as well as left side nerve pain. 

These programs I had were amazing, they were a life changer. As time went by I noticed how strong I was getting and how I was not suffering in pain as often. I remember crying because of the amount of pain I was in, I remember drugging myself with medication, I remember getting injections to relieve pain and honestly none of it worked. At the age of 23 I thought I would live in pain forever… that has not been the case. Having online programs has been the best thing for my overall health. Most of life now is pain free however, to continue a program, to watch myself get stronger is a goal I have. She shows you how to do everything, she communicates with you, and she checks up to make sure things are going smoothly. Having these online programs has been better than going to a PT in person. I got more out of these programs than I have as an athlete going to various PT, and athletic trainers. She has given me a new look at chronic pain, she changed my journey. I finished one career to go into another just because I truly felt the difference Dr. Stacie did in my life. 

- I.C. in Nevada

Custom Online Prehab and Chronic Pain Programs

Stacie and her staff at Physio Fix are simply amazing. When I first came to Physio Fix, I was in severe pain and discomfort. I was hesitant about virtual training, however after trying other local options, I needed something. 

Stacie is a master at helping you achieve your goals. With her incredible knowledge she was able to identify the source of my pain via different movements and questions. She educated me as to what was going on and how she was going to come up with my program. 

That program was personalized around my needs, and I saw a dramatic difference within a few weeks. Her programs are easy to follow with videos to demonstrate every exercise and a phone app to keep track of your progress.  

The team at Physio Fix is responsive and always there to help with any questions along the way. Stacie and her team are not only very knowledgeable and motivating, but they are just all-around good people.  

Working with Stacie is truly the best move I could have made for my health.  I went from having difficulty getting in and out of my car due to pain, to being able to hike and ride bikes with my family without pain or discomfort. When I started with Stacie I couldn’t even bend down to get the pots from the bottom cabinet and now I can squat down and grab them easily.  

A nice side benefit is the loss of 20 pounds along the way. It’s not magic, it’s work and effort, however with the Physio Fix team and the personal detailed knowledge behind every movement that was created for my program, it was just up to me to do the work and everything else was laid out perfectly for me. Physio Fix provided the perfect path to get me back to a pain free life. 

I haven’t personally been to Stacie’s facility, but from Instagram posts I know she has a quote on the wall that says, “trust the process.”  

There is no doubt that Stacie and her team have my trust and I see the daily progress that trusting the process has had in my journey.

- C.D. in California


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