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Physical Therapy

Our doctors pride themselves on providing the highest level of service to patients. Treatment plans are created based on a thorough assessment and designed using the most effective, current, and researched methods combined with our extensive athletic and movement training knowledge. We know how it feels to be sidelined or dealing with a nagging injury. Our goal is to get you moving down the road to recovery quickly using the methods that work for your body. We do not ascribe to a “one size fits all approach!”

1-On-1 In-Person Physical Therapy

Unlike most PT offices, our doctors spend the entire visit with patients – there are no hand-offs to assistants or techs. The facility itself is new and freshly equipped with brand-name equipment. And it’s highly likely you’ll receive some “patient support” from Dr. Stacie’s dogs!

Your first visit will include a thorough evaluation and deep dive into your pain level, injury and surgery history, the sports and activities you enjoy, and various movement pattern assessments. We want to know what, if anything, you’ve previously tried and how it affected you. Then we will develop a roadmap for recovery so you can get back to doing what you love! 

After the initial assessment, your physical therapy appointments will largely be focused on rehab exercises and other movements, like mobility and strength training, to support your overall physical health. They may also include soft tissue mobilization treatments, like massage, taping, dry needling, and cupping. These forms of manual therapy can help reduce tension and pain and increase blood flow to help resolve a variety of musculoskeletal issues. 

Information about our in-person services

Using Insurance

We only accept and process claims for Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance. However, we are happy to provide you with any information you need if you plan to submit a super bill for reimbursement to another carrier. Please let our office staff know how we can help!

If you plan to use your BCBS insurance, please contact them prior to initiating treatment with us to clarify the specifics of your coverage. Please also refer to our Financial Policy included on page 7 of our new patient paperwork. After researching your benefits with BCBS, feel free to call or email us if you have further questions concerning your insurance or reimbursement.

Self Pay

If you don’t have insurance, are out-of-network, or simply prefer to pay out of pocket for services, we offer individual sessions and packages. We accept cash or credit card payments. We never require contracts and you have a full year from the date of purchase to use your sessions. For your convenience, you can share packages amongst family members!

Initial Evaluation & Single Sessions: $175

Package Pricing – PAID IN FULL – now includes the evaluation:
6 Pack: $966 ($161/session)
12 Pack: $1,788 ($149/session)
16 Pack: $2,192 ($137/session)
24 Pack: $3,024 ($126/session)

Package Pricing – WITH PAYMENT PLAN – now includes the evaluation:    6 Pack: 2 payments of $504 = $1,008 ($168/session)
12 Pack: 4 payments of $474 = $1,896 ($158/session)
16 Pack: 5 payments of $460 = $2,304 ($144/session)
24 Pack: 7 payments of $456 = $3,192 ($133/session)

Pricing effective 3/1/2024

Video Appointments

We know that not everyone has access to good care depending on where they live – so we bring it to you through our video appointments! Our staff can perform assessments and services through a live, secure, video connection (similar to FaceTime or Zoom). This cuts out travel and waiting time and can be done in your home or office with a stable internet connection (use of a computer is recommended/preferred). We do our best to make it as convenient and simple as possible for you! 

We start with an online evaluation and from there we can either give you some tips, recommend a pre-made program, or create a custom program for you. We accept payment by credit card for online appointments (or PayPal if you are outside of the US). We do not accept insurance for video consultations, but some insurance companies will reimburse for this type of service, so be sure to check with yours!

Our Online Services and Who They're Best For

In addition to the options below, our online appointments can also be used for sports training consulting, business consulting, and other types of interviews with the clinical staff. This is the best way to get their devoted time to ask questions about their backgrounds, experience, education and business models. 

Video Consultation

$150. A 30-minute video visit with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

We will go through an assessment and discuss your goals to provide you with tips on how to proceed with your physical health journey. 

During this session, we can determine if one of our training programs in The Physio Fix app is a good fit for you. Most of our pre-made programs are 3 months long and cost $50/month so this is a great money-saving option!

This is ideal for someone who is looking for a second opinion, needs help getting started, needs tips to supplement their current injury recovery or training program, or has chronic pain or nagging injuries that haven’t been fully addressed. 

GOLD LEVEL - video consultation with custom program

$400. This includes a 30-minute video visit ($150) plus 1 month of custom online programming ($250) tailored to you!

This option includes a video visit with an assessment and discussion of your goals and needs so we can build you a completely personalized program that is delivered conveniently through our app. 

This is the online equivalent of working with us in-person for a month, but at a much cheaper rate. You can message directly with your provider and your program can be adjusted throughout the month based on your progress and feedback. 

This option is for people who know exactly what they want, have multiple goals, or have special circumstances that need individualized attention.

PLATINUM LEVEL - video consultation with 3-MONTH custom program & weekly check-ins

$2,250. This includes the 30-minute video visit ($150) PLUS 3 months of custom programming AND weekly video check-ins with your Doctor ($2,100) .

This option includes a video visit with an assessment and discussion of your goals and needs so we can build you a completely personalized 3-MONTH program that is delivered conveniently through our app. It includes weekly video check-ins as well as a messaging option to chat with your provider. 

This option is perfect if you have an injury or goals that will take longer than a month to address, or are committed to going “all in” on a full VIP experience!

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