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Online Training

Our staff pride themselves on providing the highest level of service to clients – and that doesn’t change just because you’re not a local physical therapy patient. We offer a variety of online training programs to fit all needs and help you focus on what’s most important to you. 

Training and (P)rehab Programs

We know you have an overwhelming amount of online programs to choose from, but we are one of very few companies that has developed a solid variety of programming through an injury recovery and prevention lens. Our programs are a special blend of our extensive strength and conditioning knowledge with exercises that are regularly used in patient treatment. There is no question that you will be stronger and more stable after following any of our programs.


Rehab-focused Programs

Given our specialty in treating injuries and helping patients recover from surgery, we have built programs that have a heavy emphasis on addressing body-part specific pain. Do you have a nagging injury that you haven’t been able to resolve? Have you not fully recovered from surgery? Did insurance cut you off from physical therapy and now you don’t know where to turn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have created the solution for you!


Strength and Mobility Training

Maybe you’re not struggling with chronic pain or a specific injury and just want to move better and get stronger. We offer a variety of online training programs to fit your needs, whether you work out at home with limited equipment or have access to a commercial gym. There are strength programs, mobility programs, and many that are the right blend of both for a well-rounded result!


Injury Prevention Programs

As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” While most of our programs incorporate exercises for injury prevention, there are a few that are specifically tailored to this. We make sure you hit the spots that are often neglected!

Custom Programming

Custom Programming is the equivalent of being one of our patients – but you can live anywhere in the world (where there’s internet service!) and get our help at a fraction of the cost! 

Who is the ideal custom programming client? This option is recommended for anyone with:

  • a current injury 
  • very specific goals
  • limited access to equipment
  • anyone who has tried other treatments and programs without getting the results they want

What is custom programming?

A custom program is a 1-month long training routine that we make JUST FOR YOU. It is created after meeting with one of our doctors of physical therapy on a 30-minute video appointment. It is tailored specifically to meet you where you’re at and help you reach your goals. The program is delivered through our easy-to-use app. With a custom program, you also get access to a couple of bonus features: 

  • The custom client can text and video message with the provider who created their program to ask any questions and get guidance on things like exercise form, progress, modifications, pain, resistance level, etc. 
  • The program can be adjusted at any point within the month based on client feedback and performance needs. 

We are thrilled to live in a time where we can bring our treatment to anyone who needs it! It’s not just for injuries and no goal is too big or too small. Schedule your video appointment today so you can move better and feel stronger!

Our Programs

multiple template programs access

ongoing access $5/mON

The Mobility Fix


Strong Like Stacie (SLS)

Strong like Stacie 2.0


Super Strong Like Stacie (SSLS)

The Shoulder Fix

The Knee Fix

The Hip fix

The Low Back Fix

The Core Fix

the pelvic floor fix

The Foot & Ankle Fix

the elbow fix

The Neck Fix

The Booty Fix

the pregnancy fix

the post-partum fix



the handstand fix

The prehab fix

The Gymnast FIX

the gym Fix

the home Fix

the no equipment Fix


for NEW


Online Program Access

The PHysio Fix App Instructions

To access your program(s), whether custom or pre-made, please download our app by clicking on the link for your operating system below or by searching “The Physio Fix ” in your app store.

For iOS, click HERE. For Android, click HERE.

Once you download the app:
1) If you’re an existing customer, you can use your original credentials to log in.

2) If you’re a new customer, you can set up your new account with an email/username and password.

3) You can also reset your password here.

Note that you will not be able to log in if you don’t have an active program subscription. Also, you cannot buy programs directly through the app. 

If you’re looking for a custom program, please click here to set up your video appointment so we can meet and discuss your needs before creating a program for you!

Important Information

  • If you have any questions about our programs or any trouble with the app, please email our Office Manager, Amanda, at for assistance. You can expect support during our normal business hours – Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm MST. If your request is received after hours, she will respond as soon as possible on the next business day. You can also call us at (602) 675-0325 if that’s easier!
  • All subscriptions start on the day of purchase. If you would like to change to a more convenient start date or if you purchased multiple programs that you want to start at different times, please email Amanda.
  • When your program ends, the system will automatically remove it from access. However, we offer the option to maintain access to any previously purchased program for a fee of just $5/month! We have to set this up manually for you, so please contact Amanda by email if you would like to have this ongoing access to your account. 

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