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Online Services

Our staff prides themselves on providing the highest level of service to clients – and that doesn’t change just because you’re not a local physical therapy patient. We’re excited to bring our treatment and training to anyone who needs it worldwide!

We do not ascribe to a "one size fits all" approach!

Video Appointments

We know that not everyone has access to good care depending on where they live – so we bring it to you through our video appointments! Our staff can perform assessments and services through a live, secure, video connection (similar to FaceTime or Zoom). This cuts out travel and waiting time and can be done in your home or office with a stable internet connection (use of a computer is recommended/preferred). We do our best to make it as convenient and simple as possible for you! 

Custom Programming

Custom programming is the equivalent of working with us in-person – but from wherever you are and at a fraction of the cost. This service starts with a video appointment to learn about you and what you want to work on. Then we build a program specifically for your needs and goals based on your schedule and access to equipment. If you’re in pain, haven’t gotten results, or are unsure where to turn, this option was created for you!

Training and (P)rehab Programs

We know you have an overwhelming amount of online programs to choose from, but we are one of very few companies that has developed a solid variety of programming through an injury recovery and prevention lens. Our programs are a special blend of our extensive strength and conditioning knowledge with exercises that are regularly used in patient treatment. There is no question that you will be stronger and more stable after following any of our programs.

REPAIR: Rehab-focused Programs

Given our specialty in treating injuries and helping patients recover from surgery, we have built programs that have a heavy emphasis on addressing body-part specific pain. Do you have a nagging injury that you haven’t been able to resolve? Have you not fully recovered from surgery? Did insurance cut you off from physical therapy and now you don’t know where to turn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have created the solution for you!

ENHANCE: Strength and Mobility Training

Maybe you’re not struggling with chronic pain or a specific injury and just want to move better and get stronger. We offer a variety of online training programs to fit your needs, whether you work out at home with limited equipment or have access to a commercial gym. There are strength programs, mobility programs, and many that are the right blend of both for a well-rounded result!

PREVENT: Injury Prevention Programs

As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” While most of our programs incorporate exercises for injury prevention, there are a few that are specifically tailored to this. We make sure you hit the spots that are often neglected!

Client Love and Reviews

The Physio Fix is one of a kind! Not only is the clinic super clean, but the entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I have taken Stacie’s handstand clinic, in which she gave a ton of mobility exercises, drills, and actually getting up in a handstand. I am currently doing her Strong Like Stacie 16 week workout program. What I love about this program is that she breaks down every exercise programmed on her app. She also gives modifications which can be super helpful. The workouts are challenging, but in the best way ever because it’s smartly programmed so that you can finish it and feel strong. I also am a PT patient of the clinic and see Dr. Hailey Maggio. I have made a lot of progress in just a few short weeks. I have been recommending The Physio Fix to everyone!

- M.S. in Arizona
In-person and online treatment

I am starting my third month of custom programming with Dr. Stacie, and I couldn’t be happier with my progress. I have an old hamstring injury that I’ve been working on, and the custom programming has really enabled me to get it stronger while hitting my fitness goals. The feedback on my form checks and the positivity has been amazing. The workouts have been so much fun, and I’ve already made great progress. I have even shown my workouts to my orthopedic specialist, and she was really impressed. I can’t recommend the custom program highly enough!

- Alicia G., google review

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