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Fitness Training &
Injury Prevention

Take your health and performance to the next level with our personal training options! We offer programs on a continuum from general fitness to sport-specific. Our coaches are available to you both in-person and online if you’re not local to Phoenix, AZ. 

General Wellness Training

Everything we do is geared towards improving your overall health and wellness. If you have additional goals like losing weight, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and increasing functional ability, make sure you let us know so we can incorporate this into your sessions! We want you to be able to participate in any of the activities you love and achieve your best quality of life! 

Sports Performance Training

We work primarily with athletes (and weekend warriors!) who are looking to make specific progress within their sport(s). If you want to get faster, stronger, and more explosive, have specific mobility needs, or want to reach the next level in competition, talk to us about it! We offer 1-on-1 and small group sports performance training. Want to bring your whole team? Contact us!

Group Events

We have expanded our in-person training options to include a variety of classes, clinics, and more each month! These events are primarily offered on weekends and occasionally during the week. Some of them target specific types of sports, others are all-encompassing, and some teach fun new skills like handstands. Grab a friend and join us for more ways to move better, get stronger, and stay injury-free!

Group Events with Dr. Hailey

Dr. Hailey offers an Artistic Athlete Injury Prevention Class one Saturday each month. This class will help any dancer, cheerleader, ice skater and gymnast get stronger and move safer in the specific ranges of motion they need for their activities. Both strength and mobility exercises are included to help you deliver top-notch performances!

Group Events with Dr. Nathan

Dr. Nathan offers a variety of strength, sports performance, and injury prevention classes. They are primarily geared towards ball sports and weight training, but anyone interested in looking to enhance their fitness and training routine will want to attend! You’ll learn a variety of mobility, strength, agility, and plyometric exercises that you can implement in your warm-ups and training to help you reduce injuries and build strength and power.

Group Events with Dr. Meghan

Dr. Meghan is a gymnast turned ultrarunner! She shares her expertise in the Runner’s and Endurance Athlete Injury Prevention Class that’s offered once a month. Join her to learn the mobility, strength, and plyometric exercises that will keep you resilient mile after mile!

Group Events with Dr. Stacie

Dr. Stacie offers a variety of classes – from mobility to handstands to weightlifting and more! They are held in person and on Zoom. If you want to be “Strong like Stacie,” be sure to check out her workshops!

Online Training

If you’re not local to the Phoenix, AZ area, jump over to our Online Training section. We’re happy to help you from a distance, and The Physio Fix app allows us to offer a lot of tools for specialized attention in online training!

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