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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but we are only in-network with BCBS. If you have a different insurance company and plan to submit a superbill, we’re happy to provide you with any copies of records you may need for this.

We work for our patients, not insurance companies. In our experience, the patient is far better off when the insurance company isn’t dictating care. We also want to spend as much time as possible helping people – not completing forms, waiting on hold, dealing with claims processing and arguing for appeals. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is profit-motivated, not patient-centered. We do the best we can to reverse that trend!

We see patients every week from Monday through Friday (except on certain holidays) from 8am-6pm by appointment only. We occasionally hold clinics and other training classes after hours and on weekends, but that requires pre-registration.

We work with athletes of all ages, skill levels, who play all types of sports. We have experience treating everyone from 8 year old dancers to collegiate competitors to major league ball players and everyone in between! Our passion is helping people return to or get better at the activities they love.

No! If you have been seeing a doctor and have them, we would like the reports, but it is not necessary to get imaging done before coming in. We will do a thorough assessment and can help you determine whether to see another doctor or get imaging done. We can even diagnose without imaging!

The best option is to call our office at (602) 675-0325. Our front desk staff is standing by ready to help! You can also schedule new appointments online here (you cannot change or cancel appointments online though). Make sure you have the location set to The Physio Fix-MAIN.

No! We love to work with people who are interested in being as mobile and strong as possible. We can help you enhance your existing fitness routine and improve any weaknesses and imbalances too! Improving mobility, strength, stability, and balance is always a smart idea. We would love it if more people came in to learn these things which will help keep them injury-free!

No! It is not necessary to see an orthopedic surgeon or other doctor before scheduling a visit with our doctors of physical therapy. Arizona is a direct access state, so you can come directly to us at any time. If you are feeling limitations in mobility and strength or any pain (short of a 911 emergency, of course) come in and see us! We offer free 15-minute screenings and can help you determine whether it is time to see another kind of doctor and/or get imaging done. We can also give you information about the doctors we know in the area.

We don’t use techs or PT Assistants, so your entire hour-long session will be with one of our doctors of physical therapy. You can schedule appointments with whichever doctor you prefer and fits your schedule best! And you may have the added benefit of two sets of eyes on you during your session, since we accept interns from Duke & NAU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy programs throughout the year!

Patients must be at least 6 years old. We don’t do infant or pediatric care. And there is no maximum age because there’s no cap for pursuing health!

We primarily treat orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues and post-surgical orthopedic patients, however we are trained to treat any type of injury. The only thing we don’t specialize in is neuro complications or very young pediatrics (less than 6 years old). If you’re interested in working with an evidence-based, movement-focused physical therapist, who wants to help you return to the activities you love, you’ve come to the right place!

We start by discussing what brings you in, any limitations you currently have, your medical history, the activities/hobbies you enjoy and want to get back to, your goals, and more – to create a holistic picture. Then we perform a thorough physical assessment, testing your range of motion and strength to identify any imbalances and deficits. We also do other medical tests to rule in or rule out various diagnoses. Once we establish your baseline and what we need to work on, we formulate a plan together that will meet your needs and fit your lifestyle. We typically do some exercises during your initial evaluation and some manual therapy, if warranted. Then we give you some exercises to do at home to help you until we’re able to meet again.

Yes! We don’t rely solely on manual therapy, but it can be a beneficial part of the treatment process. We use soft tissue massage, manipulations, athletic and kinesio taping, scraping, percussion massage, blood flow restriction, dry needling, and cupping.

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