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A Deep Dive with Dr. Stacie

Hello Physio Fix Fans!

When this blog was published, Dr. Stacie’s audience exceeded 552k followers – and that’s just on Instagram! She is thrilled to be able to reach and engage with so many folks from many different countries! Her goal, ever since age 12 when she decided to become a physical therapist has been to help as many people as possible get out of pain and unlock their potential as athletes – from kids to weekend warriors to professionals.

As a result of her online reach, she gets thousands of messages every day from people all over the world looking for injury advice, training advice, school and business advice, and, well…all kinds of things (some more appropriate than others)! While she and The Physio Fix office staff do their best to respond to everyone, the avalanche of messages is unwieldy and time consuming to plow through!

She receives a lot of the same questions – from old and new followers alike – so we wanted to kick off the new year by sharing this most recent podcast she did with Jeremy Scott. Jeremy is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach, author, speaker, and health junkie based in Scottsdale, AZ. He’s worked with big brands like Reebok and Vitamin Shoppe and has appeared in and contributed to a variety of fitness and health publications, including Men’s Health, Livestrong and Muscle & Strength. 

Jeremy and Dr. Stacie share similar philosophies on training and life, so the conversation flowed easily! The two of them were also joined by one of Dr. Stacie’s interns from Duke University, Chloe Martin, for a third perspective on coaching, health, and working with clients. 

At almost two hours long, this podcast provides great insight into the fitness and physical therapy industries, the challenges of business ownership, and answers many of the common questions Dr. Stacie receives. We’ve time stamped a bunch of the topics that were discussed below in case you’re looking for specific answers. *Note that the language gets a little bit “colorful” here and there – so it may not be ideal for all audiences (let’s call it 85% “clean”)!

4:18 – Dr. Stacie gives a summary of her journey from a gymnast to becoming a physical therapist all the way to her current day business set-up.

19:24 – An explanation of how online physical therapy works through video appointments.

22:12 – Dr. Stacie and Chloe talk about their favorite parts of the job.

25:26 – The difference between standard physical therapy offices (aka PT mills) and owning your own business – including how to create passive income. 

30:08 – The worst part of physical therapy…dealing with insurance!

37:59 – Misconceptions about physical therapy, including the services provided and the schooling required.

42:03 – The importance of mobility and a discussion about how Dr. Stacie, Chloe, and Jeremy train.

48:15 – Use and potential benefits of manual therapy tools – foam rolling, massage guns, dry needling, cupping, hot/cold therapy, etc.

54:49 – Benefits of barefoot training.

58:12 – The importance of nutrition and sleep.

1:01:34 – Thoughts on various fitness/health certifications and screens like FMS, SFMA.

1:04:18 – Dr. Stacie’s “underrated” muscle groups.

1:06:27 – How Dr. Stacie uses her skill set to have an impact.

1:09:15 – A discussion on the importance of physical therapy plan adherence and how coaching, education, honesty, and empathy changes the narrative for patients.

1:18:46 – How Dr. Stacie balances patient work, owning a business, and growing her social media presence with personal time.

1:26:32 – Tips for the most overlooked parts of a physical therapy evaluation.  

1:31:07 – A few favorite full body stretches.

1:33:28 – What Dr. Stacie is looking forward to in 2022.

1:36:44 – Advice for people who are living with pain and how everyone can benefit from physical therapy work.

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